A condensed online event consisting of a panel, talks, and portfolio reviews. Focusing on supporting marginalized voices, sharing knowledge, and bringing visibility to the game dev community around Vermont and beyond.

Schedule **

12:00 PM EST

Portfolio Reviews


We'll match you with an industry professional for a 30 minute review where you can go over projects, your website, or resume/cover letter. Spots are limited.

1:00 PM EST

Midday Mingle
-'s not technically "midday" but it's close. Come join us for a pre-event hangout with tea and cookies (you have to make the tea and cookies).

We'll have one room for a group crossword puzzle and the other for a few rounds of Gartic Phone. It's a pretty fun and cozy time!

2:00 PM EST

Quality Assurance: the Unsung Heroes of the Games Industry

Laurent Andrew Ruest | @kingmasturbin | he/him

Bonjour Hi! Laurent is your friendly trans masc QA here to help you troubleshoot your issue! He's been in the industry for almost 5 years, and worked on live projects for around 3.5 of those years. Fun fact: he has a strong artistic side to him and comes from a small rural town in Québec.

Raquel Maestre | she/her

Raquel Maestre is a localization QA lead based in Montréal, with 6 years of experience in making sure that when games are translated to other languages, they are as bug-free as in the original language.

Lenny Gingello | @LennyGingello | he/him

Lenny is a Senior QA Tester at Proletariat Inc. where he worked on testing, test planning, and test coordination for Spellbreak which was released in September of 2020. His educational background is a BS in Game Design from Champlain College. He is a lover of most nerd culture type things as well as cooking, music, and tech.

3:00 PM EST

Surviving Unsustainability: a Pupperazzi Postmortem

Ryan Huggins | @TheRyanHuggins | he/they

Isobel Shasha | @toxicaliengf | they/them

Ryan and Isobel will postmortem Sundae Month's dog photography game. The story of Pupperazzi is also the story of big changes at a small studio, lucky breaks, and decisions both brilliant and otherwise.

4:00 PM EST

Microtalk Sessions

"Don’t listen to Business Indies! (They will betray you!)"
Eric Merz | @ErnstMOKKA | they/them

Most of the advice on selling and marketing independent video games you find doesn’t really take into account the material differences that various commercial game developers are operating under.

This talk will show where and how the majority of business advice for commercial game developers falls short in that regard, and how developers themselves can potentially find ways to differentiate between useful and useless information.

"Bitwise Autotiling for Games"
Eleanor Jacques Morel |
@eleanorjmorel | she/her

Eleanor will explain the difference between tiles and autotiles and discuss Wang tiles, Blob tiles and Eleanor tiles!

"Thank you for being my son: What parenting my neurodiverse son taught me about making games"
Lexi Whitman | @
aliceelite | she/her

A single mom for most of her child’s life, Lexi has learned a lot about parenting, people, and herself. She fully believes that this part of her identity has made her a better person and a better producer. In this talk, she will examine how parenting a very small human taught her how to collaborate with, and organize, many larger humans.

"The life of a generalist in a specialist world"
quinn viau | @
penawn | they/them

As the industry ages, there is more and more of a push toward hyper-specialisation in the art fields, but I believe at it's heart that games need generalists. It can be hard though, to feel like you are making progress at all when your supposed career path just doesn't feel right. Just a little bit of perspective from someone 11 years in the industry who has never specialised. :)

"How I unionized my workplace, and how you can do it too!"
Carolyn Jong | @
ckjong | she/her

Carolyn will talk about her experience forming the first certified union for digital game workers with her coworkers at Vodeo Games, why it was especially important for her as a marginalized worker in games, and some quick tips on how folks can start organizing their own workplaces.

Questions ??

what is a microtalk?

A microtalk is a relaxed 5 minute talk about anything you want! For this event, we are focusing on games and game development. You can present your talk with or without visuals, it's up to you!

any portfolio review tips?

A portfolio review is a chance for you to get some feedback on a project, your website, or resume/cover letter before you apply for an internship or job in the games industry. It can also be a great networking experience as you'll be connected with a game dev who's working in the industry. To get the most out of your 30 minute review, come prepared with these in mind:

  • Have a working camera: voice calls are good, but video calls are better! It's always nice to be able to see the person that you are speaking with.

  • Have work to show: if you were to apply to a job or internship, and they asked you for a link to your portfolio/website, what would you show them? How would it be presented?

  • Take notes: you're more likely to remember what you have to improve if you take notes during the meeting.

  • Be ready to ask questions: if there's time at the end of the review, you can have some questions prepared in advance about the games industry, or just learn more about the individual you are meeting with.

  • Show up on time: we've asked our colleagues to give their time to meet with you, so please make sure to show up on time! If for any reason you need to cancel your review session reach out to the event organizer.

  • Follow up: send a thank you email to the person you met with. Consider asking them if it's okay to follow up in a few weeks/months for them to look at the improvements that you've made, or to connect with them on LinkedIn.

will the event be recorded?

Some talks will be recorded and uploaded to Rad Magpie's Youtube channel. This includes the panel, keynote, and the five microtalks. The videos will be closed-captioned after recording.

The midday mingle and portfolio reviews will not be recorded.

i heard about this last year...

Heck yeah! Last year was our first event, and it was really great! You can find all the talks on Rad Magpie's YouTube channel.